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Environmental Protection & Sustainable development Society

EPSDS established on November 24, 2002 by the declaration No. 1957 in Damascus, as Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) related to Ministry of Social Affairs in Syria.

The Society’s Objectives:
1- Polarize those concerned with, and interested in the field of environment protection, and prepare the suitable conditions that enable their effective participation in order to enhance the environment and to play a vital role towards achieving a sound environment and encouraging all initiatives aimed to fulfil these objectives.
2- Define the problems of environmental pollution and participate in seeking solutions for them according to their priorities monitor a forms and sources of pollution and approach the economic activities in view of their decisive role in influencing the environmental resources.
3- Seek to follow policies and apply the necessary norms and measures to preserve and protect the environment and control the causes of pollution.
4- Raise environmental awareness among all sectors of the society in order to create an individual and social commitment and a national public sense of responsibility to interact with the environmental issues, rationalize the use of environmental resources and deal with them so as to safeguard the rights of future generations.
5- Instill and develop the positive environmental values and principles in the children, youth and women so as to enable them to protect the environment and help in laying down a strong base of mindful human resources in support of the development process.
6- Direct the environmental issues through the social, economic, cultural and psychological development so as to contribute positively to the environment-related vital decisions that have an impact on the individual and the society. Human resources, in the society’s objectives, deserve the best since future development requires innovative methods in the days ahead.
7- Cooperate with the international and United Nations organizations in addition to international civil societies.

The Society’s Activities:

1- Organizing workshops with Ministry of Education.
2- Organizing symposia with Ministry of Information.
3- Publishing the environmental awareness among schools, institutes and universities.
4- Participating in the workshops, symposia and conferences of State Ministry of Environmental Affairs.
5- Participating in the plantation campaigns in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture.
6- Organizing scientific lectures in the society.
7- Participating in the cleaning campaigns in Damascus.
8- Supporting in using the renewable energies as solar and wind energy.
9- Participating in the festivals of the international, Arab and National environmental days ( International Forest day March 21, International Water day March 22, International Earth day April 22, International Biodiversity day May 22, International Environment day June 5, International day for compact Desertification and Drought June 17, International day for protecting the Ozone Layer September 16, International day for Natural Disasters Reduction October 13, Arab Environment day October 14, National Environment day November 1.
10- Participating in workshops of the Syria Engineers Union on environment and renewable energies in Damascus.
11- Participating in the environmental research conferences at the State Ministry of Environmental Affairs.
12- Participating in the meetings of environmental civil societies at the State Ministry of Environmental Affairs.

The Society’s Projects:
The society carried out many projects with small Grand Program (SGP) and UNDP as persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) and bio-gas.

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